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Copying the Microfiche or Microfilm

You may be told by the owner of the microfiche or microfilm that you'd like to use or copy for transcription that they don't have permission for that use.

The General Record Office at Southport have confirmed that under the normal licence granted when someone buys the data, it is true that copying or transcribing for more than personal use is prohibited.

The GRO (who are the copyright holders) will grant special permission for use with this project

Write to:

PAS Family History Manager
Certificate Services Branch, C111
General Register Office
PO Box 2, Southport
Merseyside PR8 2JD

Tel : (UK) 0150 471 4425
Fax : (UK) 01704 560958

Email :

The person or organisation who owns the fiche or film needs to write explaining that "[name-of-owner-of-data] would like to help the FreeBMD project by allowing the data they have purchased to be copied so that it can be transcribed".

Permission should be forthcoming.

Please let us know when this is done, so we can keep a list of places with permission.

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