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Scan Naming Conventions

The scanned images are named in the following way:

File Name

<year><event type><quarter>-<range>-<page> . <file type>


The year of the event, 4 digits
The quarter, 1 digit, 1-4, 1 is March, etc. - omitted for 1984 onward
event type
The event type as B or M or D
The first letter of the surnames in the scan, or Unk for Unknown. If the scan contains more than one first letter, then all the first letters, e.g. YZUnk
The page number of the scanned page, 4 digits.
file type
The (graphics) file type of the file, typically .gif, .jpg or .tif

For example, Deaths 1875 March quarter, first surname WALTER, page 415 saved as a GIF file would be 1875D1-W-0415.gif

Directory Structure

On FreeBMD, the scanned files are stored in a directory structure that mirrors the filenames, like so:

<year>/<long event type>/<long quarter>/<reference> [ /<letter range> ] /<year><event type><quarter>- [ <subsection range>- ] <page>

where the definitions are as above, plus:

long event type
The event type spelt out in full (i.e. Births, Marriages or Deaths)
long quarter
The quarter in full (i.e. March, June, September or December) - omitted for 1984 onward
The FreeBMDReference for the scan, to be used in the +S source type line when submitting data.
letter range
The range of letters covered, e.g. P-Z (may be omitted)
subsection range
The range of letters covered (which may be omitted), e.g. P-Z,

So, our example would be, in full: 1875/Deaths/March/GRO-D2530/P-Z/1875D1-W-0415.gif, and the reference number to be included in submissions would be GRO-D2530.

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