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The following files have failed one or more checks on the file designed to identify possible problems in transcriptions. The particular check is given beside each file. However, these checks are based on average or normal attributes of a transcription, therefore if your file is listed here and you believe it is a correct transcription (i.e. compliant with FreeBMD rules) or you do not understand the issue please mail Contact Quality Assurance Coordinator with details. Otherwise, would you either change the filename and/or the contents. This can be done by going to File Maintenance and using Rename, Replace or View/Edit. If your syndicate has specific rules about filenames and/or changing files you should discuss any change with your coordinator first. An explanation of the problems is at the bottom of the page.

To view a file click on the user/filename with the mouse (or other pointing device) whilst holding down the shift key (shift+click), ctrl+click to attempt to find the scan and shift+ctrl+click to predict year/event/quarter from volume/page values in the file.

Links to files for particular syndicates can be found here.

This list was created on 14/11/2018 at 03:00:06. It is produced approximately weekly but some problems are only evaluated at the database update (the problems concerned are identified in Explanation of problems).


Explanation of problems

Duplicate page numberThe same number appears in two +PAGE lines
Possible alternative name (alias/or)A name in the file contains the characters ' alias ' or ' or ' indicating an alternative name that should be transcribed as two entries. See here for details.
Unexpected number of entries on pageThe number of entries found between +PAGE lines is significantly different from what was expected (taking into account lines containing only the surname where this format is used). If less than expected this is often due to columns not being transcribed; if more than expected this is often due to transcribing both pages of a double scan as one. Click on the page number to view the scan; if the identity of the scan cannot be determined this will only take to the point that can be identified. Note that this refers to the current update - changing the file will only take effect at the next update.
Gandalf UK broadlands/1983D1J0562
Ian Brooke Adlang/1981D4D0246, Adlang/1981D4D0248, Adlang/1981D4M0605, edrusmarks/1981D4S0826, JConlon/1981D4M0590, JulieW/1981D4G0386, JulieW/1981D4K0543, phil/1981D4K0520, trudi67/1981D4M0643
ID4 THaf/1965B1B0061
Pat Savage blackcat/1983D2M0561, dylandog/1983D2D0244, dylandog/1983D2K0482, rawstuff/1983D2M0547, Yon/1983D2D0230, Yon/1983D2D0231, Yon/1983D2D0234
Red Rose DeesniL/1978B3M0813
Richard Oliver WAT/1980M3J0845
ScribeScan carrielilac/1963B21135
Ted Southcombe Rainie/1982B4R1079
The Recordsmiths Pedlar/1965M3R0965, Pedlar/1965M3R0972
Yorkshire Volunteers coop01/1985BA0053

Distribution of Page Sizes

Entries per page   Number of occurrences
<50 3820456
<100 13230
<150 399859
<200 695441
<250 14247
<300 129
<350 273
>=350 329218

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