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This page shows the usage statistics for FreeBMD since March 2002. You can tell from the this information when FreeBMD is most heavily used and whether any problems you were having doing searches were due to heavy loading. Please note that if you tried to do a search and got no response it is very unlikely it was due to the FreeBMD server - it is much more likely to be a communications problem, possibly involving your ISP.

All times quoted are GMT.

Constant Scale   Constant Scale
Constant scale maintains the same scale for all graphs, otherwise best fit is used.


Succeeded The number of searches that produced a result. This does not include Count operations. It does include searches that produced a result that could not be displayed because there were too many items.
Busy The number of searches could not be performed because the server was busy, resulting in the Server is busy message.
Too long The number of searches that had to be terminated because they were taking too long, resulting in the We cannot complete that search message.
Too complex The number of searches that were not started because the search was too complex (and would therefore have taken too long), resulting in the That search would take too long message.

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