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WinBMD Version 12.6.0

January 2024

WinBMD is a Windows transcription program for the FreeBMD project and it comes with its own integral Viewer to make it even easier to use. It also features automated uploading of your completed transcriptions to the FreeBMD site. WinBMD will run on any Windows version from XP to Windows 11.

Before you install WinBMD it is recommended you have familiarised yourself with Transcribers' Knowledge Base section 3 WinBMD Queries which may assist you in overcoming any possible problems in installing WinBMD (particularly under Vista) and in its continuing use after it has been installed.

Download WinBMD using the link below and save a copy on your computer.
You may copy this saved file to another computer and install it there without internet access.

This version can be used to upgrade any earlier version of WinBMD from version 5 onwards (see the note below regarding versions 5 & 6)

Please do NOT change the default folder where this program installs. Unless you have a VERY good reasons for doing so, please accept all the defaults by clicking the Next buttons.

After clicking the link below please select "SAVE" and after the download has finished double-click your saved file.

Download WinBMD Version 12.6.0

Please Note:

Version 10 was the first version that can transcribe files more recent than 1992. Version 12 is the first version to handle UTF-8 files.

In contrast to versions prior to version 7, WinBMD now stores its files in a new folder (by default "WinBMD_Files") under your "My Documents" (or "Documents" in later versions of Windows) new users with version 12 will find their WinBMD_Files on the Windows Desktop. When WinBMD is first run a setup screen will appear allowing you to select this folder after which it will copy all of your existing files into it. There is nothing you need to do except click "Use Default" on that setup screen. Your transcribed files will be copied to an "Output" folder below WinBMD_Files unless you have used the WinBMD File menu option to select a different location for your transcribed files in which case that location will NOT change and your transcribed files will not be copied.

If, after using WinBMD, you have any suggestions for improvements, we would appreciate your comments. Please email us at Contact