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This page describes the process followed for the deletion of the SubmitterID of volunteers who have been registered for a considerable period of time in the FreeBMD database but have not uploaded any records.


Currently (as at 7th September 2013) there are about 50 volunteers registered on FreeBMD who have not uploaded any records to FreeBMD. The aim is to keep to this number or reduce where appropriate.

Process to be Followed:

  1. Where a volunteer has been registered with a SubmitterID for more than six months and has not uploaded any records to FreeBMD the volunteer's SubmitterID will be removed from the database.
  2. The six month time period is an arbitrary period which is considered to be sufficient for a volunteer to have transcribed and uploaded records to FreeBMD.

Action Required by Syndicate Co-ordinators:

  1. Co-ordinators will be provided with a list of their volunteers who are to be deleted from the database approximately two weeks before the intended deletion. This will give the Co-ordinator the opportunity to agree with the suggested volunteer deletion or to request a volunteer to be retained in the database. Co-ordinators who do not wish to receive advance notification of volunteers to be deleted should advise Synd-Coord.
  2. Whenever a volunteer who is currently logged against a Syndicate is deleted from the database, this has a knock on effect as far as Syndicate co-ordinators are concerned.
    The result of such deletions will be shown in the "Current Submitters" window of the Maintain Syndicate page of the appropriate Syndicate with a message similar to:
    ** ID (e.g XYZ123) - DELETED ** ** Please Remove** ID (e.g XYZ123)

    The deleted volunteers will be collected together and shown at the end of the complete list of volunteers.

    Co-ordinators are requested to remove such messages via the "Delete User" button.
  3. A spreadsheet list is maintained of volunteers deleted from the database and can be supplied to co-ordinators on request. Please contact Synd-Coord. This list will provide a cross reference between the SubmitterID and the name of the volunteer and date of deletion.

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