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How to use FreeBMD Mailing Lists

For those people who have not used a Mailing List before, it is important to realise that after subscribing to one of the Mailing Lists you will receive a copy of every mail to that List. You can reply to a mail by clicking on the Reply button in your email client. Your reply will be received by every subscriber to the List, including yourself. If you are subscribed to a List and post a query to the List, it will be received by every subscriber to that List, including yourself.

If you do not want to receive mails from any List you have subscribed to, either visit this page or look at the bottom of any List mail to find out how to unsubscribe. Note that the address for unsubscribing is not the normal List address and so you should not use the Reply facility to unsubscribe.

(FreeBMD mailing lists will, from January 2020, be provided by Previously FreeBMD mailing lists had been provided by Rootsweb but they have announced that they will no longer support mailing lists, though archives of emails to closed lists will be maintained. Members of the previous (Rootsweb) FreeBMD mailing lists will all receive invitations to join the corresponding new groups)

How to Manage Subscriptions

In the section below for the mailing list concerned click on the subscribe or unsubcribe link.
change email address:
Please unsubscribe using your old address and subscribe using your new address. If you do not have access to your old address, then ignore the unsubscribe; it will happen automatically as described below

Do not add any other text to the (un)subscription request as this will defeat the automated nature of the process and then have to be performed manually by the list maintainer at a later time.

Following your subscription request, you will receive a confirmation of your subscription from the respective mailing list administration address.

Note:If you subscribe to any of the mailing lists, you must not send messages about viruses. Such messages are actually spreading the virus and by sending the message other people may have their systems damaged. If you receive such a message, check with a virus library such as or or before taking any action.

Automatic Subscription Cancellation

In common with other mailing lists, there is an automatic procedure whereby emails that cannot be delivered for a period of time to particular addresses automatically have their subscription cancelled. This is done to avoid sending out mail to obsolete addresses. The period of time is adjusted from time to time but is of the order of a week. If such a cancellation happens to you, and your mail address is not obsolete, the usual causes are server problems at your ISP or an over-full mailbox. To recover from such an automatic cancellation just subscribe again.


The first message sent by any list member will be moderated. This means that it will not be forwarded to all list members until it has been reviewed by one or more group moderators. This may take several hours. Moderation is to ensure that inappropriate messages, spam and misdirected attempts to subscribe or unsubscribe are not sent to all list members.

Mailing Lists Modes

The FreeBMD mailing lists have a number of different modes but the three we recommend using are:
Individual Messages:
Each message is sent separately to the subscribers.
Message Digests:
A number of messages are batched together and then sent to the subscribers.
Special Notices Only:
Subscribers will only receive special notices from group moderators.
All new subscriptions will default to Individual Messages. It is recommended that subscribers choose either Individual Messages or Special Notices Only.

FreeBMD Mailing Lists (subscription addresses)

FreeBMD Main Group (formerly FreeBMD-News)

This list is for people interested in how the FreeBMD project is progressing. Postings will announce major decisions, track progress and calls for volunteers. Traffic is expected to be light, maybe a message every couple of months, maybe less.

Anyone who joins any of the FreeBMD Advice, FreeBMD Discuss or FreeBMD Syndicates groups will automatically also be subscribed to the FreeBMD Main Group.

To subscribe :

To unsubscribe:

If you are subscribed to the other FreeBMD lists you do NOT need to subscribe separately to this list.

Note - You cannot send messages to this list - instead see FreeBMD Advice and FreeBMD Discuss.

FreeBMD Advice (formerly FreeBMD-Admins)

This list is a Questions and Answers forum for transcribers and volunteers.

Answers to questions will come from experienced transcribers who are familiar with the whole project. Answers that reflect practice within a particular syndicate or which reflect the opinion of a transcriber as to a better way of doing things are not allowed. It replaces the former FreeBMD-Admins mailing list.

To subscribe

To unsubscribe

To send a message

For questions about this list, contact the list administrator.

Note: If you subscribe to this list you will automatically be subscribed to FreeBMD Main Group.

FreeBMD Discuss

This list is for general FreeBMD discussion.

It is normally for experienced transcribers who are fully conversant with FreeBMD.

New volunteers can participate in or initiate a discussion but BEFORE doing so it is strongly advised they check out the DISCUSS mailing archives to see if the same issue has been previously discussed. It is also recommended new volunteers lurk for a while to get the feel for the sort of topics discussed. This will overcome the reinventing the wheel syndrome.

The Discuss list is not for new volunteers or transcribers looking for help, the FreeBMD Advice list is for this purpose.

The Discuss list allows subscribers to offer opinion as to what we should be doing. Ideas discussed on this list will form a major input to the FreeBMD decision making process. Discussions reflecting practice within a particular syndicate are not allowed, unless this is in support of changing the official policy or working of FreeBMD.

To subscribe

To unsubscribe

To send a message

For questions about this list, contact the list administrator.

Note: If you subscribe to this list you will automatically be subscribed to FreeBMD Main Group.

FreeBMD Syndicates

This list is a forum for Syndicate co-ordinators and includes discussion of strategic direction in allocating quarters to syndicates, and policy regarding error correction. Also provides mutual help and advice for co-ordinators.

Subscription to this list is restricted to Syndicate Co-ordinators, their nominated assistants and those involved in central administration.

Transcribers who are experiencing difficulties in making contact with their Syndicate Coordinator should email the Click to contact for assistance.

To subscribe

To unsubscribe

To send a message

For questions about this list, contact the list administrator.

Note: If you subscribe to this list you will automatically be subscribed to FreeBMD Main Group.

Archives for current mailing lists

Archives for the new mailing lists may be seen by going to the respective group web-pages (links below) and clicking on ‘Messages’ where they may be searched or browsed.

FreeBMD Main Group

FreeBMD Advice

FreeBMD Discuss

FreeBMD Syndicates (Access to archives is restricted to group members)

Archives for previous mailing lists

The archives for the former Rootsweb mailing lists are available either by searching or browsing.









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