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Who can use the scanned source?

You can! Just join one of the Web Scan Syndicates and we will allocate pages to you. The aim of the Web Scan project is to increase the number of people transcribing, so those transcribers who already have access to some other source should carry on as they are.

Why scanned source?

FreeBMD made an excellent start, transcribing well over half a million records in its first year, 5 Million by the end of its second year and 100 million by the end of its sixth year. The main obstacle to increasing the rate at which we transcribe records was getting access to the source. Many people were willing to give their time but could not obtain any records to transcribe.

The scan syndicates consist of the majority of the 7,000 volunteers who are working or have worked on the project (and the majority of records transcribed).

The FreeBMD Project acknowledges the generous assistance of;

Alternatives to scanned source

Although scans are the most used method for those without access to the source, there are other syndicates that can provide source to people without fiche readers. A list of the syndicates that are accepting new volunteers can be found here.

How do I sign up?

  1. Register with a scan syndicate
  2. Click on the link in the automatic e-mail you receive, to activate your account
  3. Your co-ordinator will send you your first allocation within 24 hours of you activating your account
  4. If you have not heard from your co-ordinator within 48 hours, send an e-mail to the appropriate co-ordinator
  5. Go to the Web Scan source page to obtain access to the source.

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