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This page contains a list of accessions from ONENAME files for which none of the entries have been aligned with any other accession and which is in a quarter that appears to have been complete transcribed.

Chunk User/File Quarter Count
583226 PeterHendyIbbs/Cliff_MakerD 1860D1 2
1050710 PeterHendyIbbs/SmithBB 1918B1 2
1050767 PeterHendyIbbs/SouthwoodB 1918B1 3
1050843 ColinT/tuckley_births3 1918B1 2
1052784 PeterHendyIbbs/HiscockB 1918B2 2
1058829 PeterHendyIbbs/CruteB 1918B4 2
1153715 polly/sub63 1926D1 5
1504935 polly/sub52 1953B3 2
1585412 PeterHendyIbbs/MarriageB 1959B2 2
1646870 polly/sub86 1963M3 2
1649444 barstow/Barstow_Mar_1911_1979_04072002 1963M4 2
1652560 PeterHendyIbbs/GibbardM 1964M1 9
1653183 PeterHendyIbbs/WaterfallNM 1964M1 6
1653239 PeterHendyIbbs/KelseyM 1964M1 3
1673445 PeterHendyIbbs/HipkinsM 1965M4 2
1683695 PeterHendyIbbs/Fitzgerald_GlasseM 1966M3 2
1747326 polly/sub71a 1970D4 4
1802347 polly/sub56 1974B1 3
1823312 djackson/dalman_marriage 1975M2 2
1896457 polly/sub57 1980B2 2

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