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Quarter Record File
1846 Dec DEATHS BOIFSONNADE,Emma Wells,Coventry,16,252 bmdsysba/DeathsCorrections
1861 Sep BIRTHS COMBS,Frederick,Shoreditch,1c,197 bmdsyscc/1861B3
COMBS,Charlie,Tisbury,5a,215 bmdsyscc/1861B3
COMBS,Richard Henry,Luton,3b,421 bmdsyscc/1861B3
COMBS,Charles,Wimborne,5a,269 bmdsyscc/1861B3
COMBS,Keith,Witney,3a,579 bmdsyscc/1861B3
COMBS,Emily Mary,Andover,2c,176 bmdsyscc/1861B3
1864 Mar BIRTHS COMBES,Geo,Devizes,5a,95 bmdsyscc/1864B1
COMBES,Flora Adele,St Thomas,5b,43 bmdsyscc/1864B1
1864 Dec BIRTHS AILEY,Joseph,Aston,6d,218 bmdsyscc/1864B4
DAX,Catherine,Berkhampstead,3a,337 bmdsyscc/1864B4
1969 Sep MARRIAGES DITCHBUM,SUSAN D.,DURHAM N E,1A,1005 bmdsysba/MarriagesCorrections
1970 Dec BIRTHS Humphreys,Richard John,Stroud,7b,d'70 broadlands/1970B3H0723
HUMPHREYS,David Ian,Manchester,10e,D70 AnneM/1969B3H0732
1971 Dec BIRTHS IVES,Ann Marie,Norwich O,4b,d'71 JanetL/1971B3I0742

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