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A syndicate is defined as a transcriber or a group of transcribers who between them will transcribe a date range and event type as allocated, for entry into the FreeBMD database.

Each syndicate should have a spokesperson who represents the syndicate when dealing with the project's administration. This doesn't replace the normal access of volunteers to other volunteers, but hopefully simplifies the coordination. This person would normally be the coordinator.

The coordinator has the following responsibilities:

There is mailing list especially for syndicate coordinators and members. See the lists page for subscription details.

At least one member of each syndicate should be subscribed to the syndicates list.

This is an evolving project, so the role of coordinators and the scope of syndicates are liable to evolve as well.

We expect all our potential Syndicate Co-ordinators to have had some experience as a transcriber. Generally, we would be looking for six months in an existing Syndicate with a reasonable number of files uploaded to FreeBMD.

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