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What is a Postem?

A Postem is a short message that is attached to any entry in the FreeBMD database. The purpose of a Postem is to allow those searching the database to leave information about an entry, for example to leave additional details about the event. Postems are only for communication between those searching the database; in particular, no-one in the FreeBMD project will be reading the Postems so it is pointless putting comments or questions for the project in a Postem.

Please bear in mind that the information in postems has not been verified or checked by FreeBMD, in particular corrections in a Postem are purely the opinion of the person who left the Postem.

How do I view a Postem?

When an entry has one or more Postems associated with it, the symbol Postem will appear beside the entry. Click on this symbol or on the Info button to bring up the information about the entry which will include the Postem or Postems associated with the entry.

How do I leave a Postem?

Click on the Info button next to the entry and when the information is displayed click on the Add a postem link. This will take you to a page which will allow you to type in your Postem. Type into the box below the picture the text shown in the picture (this is necessary to detect the hundreds of spam Postems we process every day). Please make sure you have the Postem correct before you click on the Create button because once you have created the Postem it cannot be cancelled or changed.

What is a Postem used for?

There are no restrictions on the uses of Postems (other than compliance with the Terms and Conditions) but they are typically used for the following: Please note that the only effect of submitting a postem is to attach the information you supply to the entry, in particular: