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Welcome to the FreeBMD Transcribers' page.

This page provides information about issues associated with transcribing for FreeBMD and is therefore of interest to people who:

  • transcribe index pages,
  • manage syndicates (syndicate coordinators)
  • are involved in management of transcribing (e.g. corrections) and
  • help with the development of FreeBMD.
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Reporting Problems

If you experience errors while uploading data (or other website related problems), please report them to us at Contact support, saying what you were doing (i.e. submitting, searching), the URL and the exact time (and timezone) that this happened (including the text of any error messages). Thank you.

Please note that this address must not be used to report errors in the data held by FreeBMD. If you have a correction to an entry click click on the Info button button next to the entry and follow the instructions for submitting a correction.

If you have problems relating to your user id or syndicate (e.g. cannot contact syndicate coordinator) please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

File Management


Transcriber Support & Resources



Advanced Information

Co-ordinator Resources

Data Teams

In addition to Transcribers and Co-ordinators, FreeBMD uses the services of a small number of people in a number of teams who help to ensure that the accuracy of our data is improved. Some of these roles remain to be filled (an announcement will be made when we are looking for people)

Developer Resources

The FreeBMD Website is maintained by a small team of developers who help provide the facilities used by our large team of transcribers ... additional transcribers are always welcome! The pages in this section describe the development environment that we use, the processes involved, and include some files which are a useful reference for developers. The tools we use in the development process are CVS, a version control system, and Trac, a problem tracking system. Below is a list of helpfiles and tutorials for the various tools and methods of development used on FreeBMD The following are list of references or tools that may be useful in diagnosing problems with the system

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